Start Right - Finish Well

This volume is designed for the young believer or the new believer of any age. Chapters deal with God's existence and nature, with salvation and assurance, and with the Christian life and walk. Topics covered incude "How To Interpret the Bible" and "How to Deal With Temptation."

by Walter Jerry Clark
soft cover, 66 pages, 6" x 9"

Start Right

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The eight chapters which comprise this book originally appeared in magazine format in a variety of Christian publications. They have been collected here to provide an introduction to various aspects of the life of the believer, and to focus on certain skills or tools which the believer needs as he begins and continues his walk with the Lord.

The most fundamental fact in life, of course, relates to the existence and nature of God Himself (chapter one). The next question which arises is, "How can I know God?" This is dealt with in chapter two.

Other concerns which naturally follow are: what is the nature of this relationship which I now have with God (chapter three), how can I understand His Word (chapters four and five), and how can I live the Christian life successfully, with its temptations and trials (chapters six, seven, and eight)?

An old proverb states, "Well begun is half done" or, as the title of this book suggests, if we get a right start on our journey or task we are taking the most important step to ensure that we will finish well and successfully.

As the title of this book also suggests, these studies are not intended to be comprehensive or final but merely to provide a beginning for the young believer or the new believer of any age. It is to be hoped that the reader will be encouraged and motivated both to "Start Right" and to continue on this well-begun path so that he or she might "Finish Well" indeed!



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